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Physical Education and Sport

Clearly 2020-2021 has been an unprecedented year and PE and Sport provision at Robson House has changed as a result of the Covid 19 pandemic which continues to present challenges and issues for staff at Robson House. The information provided here needs to be read in the context of the wider societal concerns with the continued lack of access to swimming pools, gyms and competitive sporting opportunities.

*Physical Education (PE), Sport Health and well-being are seen as vital areas of learning in the primary curriculum at Robson House. All at Robson House welcome the government’s commitment to improve the quality of PE and School Sport and well-being for all children in primary schools through provision of the PE and Primary Sport Premium.
This provides funding to support the delivery and provision of PE and sport and aims to improve the skills of primary teachers to teach high quality PE and sport and to improve the quality of provision for PE and sport in schools and increase participation. We use this funding to buy in the services of a specialist PE consultant, and to pay for dance sessions from a visiting peripatetic dance teacher. The funding also pays for transport to and from venues and to hire local facilities for sport and PE.

Staff at Robson House agree that a broad, balanced and rich PE curriculum forms the basis for a lifetime of physical activity, and the importance of PE and School Sport should never be underestimated if physical literacy is to be achieved.

Robson House continues to provide all its children with a wide range of physical activities both in and outside of curriculum time and this funding ensures that both the high quality and quantity, continues to be made available for all our children.

More information on curriculum PE and school sport at Robson House can be found here: Robson House Curriculum PE and Sport

In their Report in March 2015, Ofsted said: “Government sports funding is used well to provide many opportunities for pupils sporting interests. They all represent the school, for example in competitive games against other schools. The school employs a specialist coach to promote both the pupils and teachers understanding and enjoyment of physical activity. A wide range of activities is used to show pupils how to keep themselves safe and behave well. The curriculum contributes well to pupils physical, academic, and emotional well-being. It promotes their spiritual, moral, social and cultural understanding well”.

In 2018, our most recent Ofsted report said:

Pupils say that they enjoy taking part in the fun activities that the school provides, including swimming, equine therapy and a range of other sporting and Physical activities.

July 2021

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