Robson House

Our Values

Values are the fundamental beliefs that guide or motivate attitudes or actions. They reflect what we believe to be morally right and wrong.

We believe that children should be treated with respect, compassion, empathy, kindness, understanding, tolerance, patience and consideration. We believe that children have the right to be safe and happy, and to learn and develop as individuals.


  • We collaborate as knowledgeable and trained professionals, working in a planned way with an understanding of what children need, and modelling positive behaviour.
  • We respond sensitively to each child’s individual needs, by seeing each of them as a person, valuing diversity, and adapting flexibly so as to ensure fairness, consistency and equality of opportunity.
  • We protect children by carefully managing risks, defusing difficult situations calmly, setting clear boundaries while maintaining children’s dignity, and supporting them to think about others and reflect on potential consequences of their actions.
  • We foster positive, trusting relationships wherein children feel liked by us, by ensuring respectful, open, communication, by investing time and patience, listening without prejudging or labelling, and by helping children restore, repair and move on from conflicts.
  • We nurture children by encouraging their creativity and curiosity, focusing on their potential, their strengths and skills, and celebrating achievements and successes.
  • We empower children by giving them opportunities to be independent, promoting a growth mind-set, enabling them to communicate their views, and helping them learn to understand and manage their own feelings.
  • We give each child a positive experience of school by creating a stimulating environment, providing fun activities, being friendly and maintaining a sense of humour.
  • We enhance our support for children through our work with parents and carers, earning their trust, communicating regularly and positively, involving them in collaboration, and empowering them in their role.