Robson House

The Learning Environment

 At Robson House, we strive to create a learning community.

We believe that people learn best when they feel secure, confident, have a positive self-image and are working within an environment which promotes respect and positive behaviour, and which values diversity. We believe that children need:

  • to be treated fairly, consistently and with respect by all staff so they can learn to show respect towards themselves and others
  • to know and understand rules and boundaries, be encouraged to keep to them, and learn to take responsibility for their actions
  • to be praised for good behaviour and helped to develop their social, emotional and behavioural skills

We foster a culture where making mistakes is an important part of the learning process. We aim to create a learning environment which enables children to feel emotionally and physically safe, which promotes trust and allows children to be heard, and where rewards and sanctions are used consistently and fairly. We work to deliver a curriculum which values and celebrates diversity of culture, race, background, ability and needs.

All members of the Robson House community work to promote the development of good relationships within the learning environment, including the relationships between staff and family members.