Robson House

Outreach for SEMH Needs and Challenging Behaviour

The Robson House Outreach Team supports children, from Nursery through to Year 6, whose behaviour puts them at high risk of permanent exclusion from a mainstream primary school. We aim, alongside school staff, to support the child’s family. We also help schools to develop skills and feel more confident in managing children’s challenging behaviour.

  • We support children who are struggling to function successfully in mainstream schools as a result of social, emotional and mental health (SEMH) needs.
  • We aim to enhance children’s social interaction, emotional wellbeing, and behavioural self-regulation, so as to re-engage them with learning and thereby promote their academic attainment.
  • We offer support for children, their families, and their school.

We work at different levels: with the whole school, with groups, and with individual children. We are available to talk over the phone about issues relating to individual pupils, groups, or whole-school needs. Discussions are confidential and anonymous. Concerns can therefore be discussed without involvement of parents / carers. Where direct work is agreed, referral is made with parental consent via eCAF.

We also offer a range of training to support school staff in managing challenging behaviour and promoting positive social interaction. (Click here for details.) Mainstream colleagues are also welcome to visit Robson House PPRU.