Robson House

How do we make sure that our school and classrooms are safe, accessible and stimulating?

We work hard to make sure that our school building and all classrooms are safe, stimulating and accessible.

We have an Accessibility Plan though which we are making improvements to the school environment over time. We have toilets for disabled pupils.

Specialist teams, for example Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and the Camden Sensory Advisory Service provide guidance, advice and equipment for a child with particular access or support needs.

You will find more information about Camden’s Sensory Advisory Service on this link to the Camden Local Offer:

We have a range of equipment designed to support the development of children’s coordination and motor skills. For some children with SEND, we provide specialist equipment including digital technology: IPADs and lap-top computers.


 Q. How accessible is the building for a child who uses a wheel chair?

  • We are accessible for wheel-chair users and welcome and include any child with long-term limited mobility.

Q. What specialist resources and equipment are available for my child?

  • We aim to provide a service that meets your child’s needs. For example, if your child requires Occupational Therapy or Physiotherapy, we can arrange for the delivery of this support in our school.

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