Robson House

How do we make sure that children with SEND enjoy a broad and balanced curriculum?

We provide a curriculum that is broad, balanced, motivating and accessible to all children. We want our exciting curriculum to be one of the many reasons our children love coming to school! We work hard to ensure that all of our children achieve in lots of different ways as well as academic learning, for example, in art, sport, music, showing leadership and taking on responsibilities. We arrange educational visits and journeys and make sure that all of our children can take part. Visits include trips to museums, art galleries, the theatre, the zoo etc. Children also attend a trip further afield once a year where they take part in a wide range of outdoor activities. We do risk assessments for these activities and when necessary make reasonable adjustments to plans and arrangements.


Q. What happens if my child is not making progress in reading? Is there any extra support?

  • We provide additional support through a variety of approaches. These include targeted literacy support in the classroom and in one to one teaching sessions. We always consult you when we are planning to do this and we report back on your child’s progress.

Q. Will my child miss out on important lessons in the classroom if they are taken out for an intervention?

  • We will always try to make sure that a child does not miss important parts of a lesson: for example, with the agreement of the child and parent we will run some lessons over the lunch break, during a fitness session or during an assembly.

Q. How will my child get involved in extra-curricular activities?

  • The curriculum includes a wide variety of clubs and activities that take place at break times and we monitor the attendance of our children at these activities. If a child needs help to get involved we provide that help.

Q. My child has a Statement of SEN / EHCP and works very slowly. Are there any special arrangements to support him during the SATs?

  • Yes, with advice from our Educational Psychologist, we provide specially tailored access arrangements to ensure that he will be able to show what he knows and can do.

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