Robson House

How do we develop the skills, knowledge and expertise of school staff?

 All staff have regular training and guidance to meet the needs of our children, so we can make sure that all staff

  • have an awareness of the different special educational needs and disabilities of children in our school
  • are able to plan and teach/support lessons and deliver programmes which meet the needs of all children

Every year we do an audit of staff training needs, which includes knowledge and expertise about different SENDs.

Our Staff Handbook provides written guidance about the different SENDs in our school.

We provide whole staff training on the procedures set out in our SEND policy. We provide specialist training for staff to support children with the most complex needs, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Autism. We also provide training for staff new to the school on holding “listening conversations” with parents and carers. We use the eight national Teaching Standards to develop the knowledge, skill and confidence of all of our Teachers as part of their professional development.


Q. How do you make sure that staff new to the school are able to meet my child’s needs?

  • All staff new to the school have an induction programme which includes meetings with the SENDCO. We provide detailed information about the pupils in the school, personal support and detailed guidance on how to provide high quality teaching and support. We use the knowledge of parents/carers to do this.

Q. Will there be someone in the school who understands my child’s needs as soon as she starts?

  • As soon as we know that a child is coming to our school with particular needs, we review our provision and provide relevant ongoing training.

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