Robson House


Our vision is to meet the academic, social, emotional and mental health needs of children who are struggling or unable to thrive in mainstream schools.

  • We welcome difference and diversity
  • We value, respect and celebrate the achievements of all children
  • We will ensure the safety and wellbeing of children and adults.
  • We will support families so they are better able to help their children
  • We will ensure that both children and families feel included in school community.
  • We will always involve parents and children in planning and reviewing progress
  • We will be a place where children achieve the best they possibly can by taking a holistic, developmental approach to understanding and addressing their needs.
  • We will educate children in a provision as close to mainstream as possible and re-engage them with learning by providing a stimulating and exciting curriculum.
  • We will provide expert support and resources for children with SEND to fulfil their potential
  • We will be a centre of excellence, where staff grow and develop, and where people come to learn about supporting children with significant social, emotional and mental health difficulties.
  • We will work successfully in partnership with schools, the Local Authority, other with other agencies, both to support children at Robson House, and to enhance the capacity of mainstream schools to support children with social, emotional and mental health difficulties.