Robson House


Robson House (Camden’s Primary Pupil Referral Unit) is a specialist therapeutic and educational placement for children who cannot attend mainstream school because of social, emotional and mental health needs, or who have been permanently excluded from school.

All of our pupils have SEND in relation to their social and emotional development and mental health, including developmental disorders, such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Autistic Spectrum Conditions. Many also have SEND related to their cognitive skills (e.g. specific learning difficulties).

Robson House provides a school placement for up to 20 children between the ages of 5 and 11 years old. There are 3 classes each taught by a teacher and a children’s support worker.

Children come to Robson House in one of three ways:

  • as a result of placement by Camden’s SEN Team
  • through a managed move arranged by Camden’s School Inclusion Team
  • following a permanent exclusion from a mainstream school

Robson House also provides support to families to promote positive outcomes for their children. We employ a multi-disciplinary team that includes specialist workers in the areas of child development, education, social work, communication and mental health.

Robson House provides a good standard of education. It is a welcoming community where pupils are happy and their awareness of spiritual, moral, social and cultural issues is promoted effectively.

The partnerships with parents and carers and other agencies are effective and underpin and support the school’s outstanding care, guidance and support for the pupils.

Here are some things that parents and carers have told us about Robson House:

  • “When my child was excluded from school he felt pushed out and lonely. Now I am very happy with the way he is being taught: he enjoys learning with his teacher and his work has improved. I wish he could have come to Robson House earlier.”
  • “There have been lots of improvements. I am pleased that my child is now engaging with learning and is motivated. The special time sessions my child and I have with the social worker are very positive and are helping me get to know my child more.”
  • “I am very pleased with the improvement in my child’s writing. I am also delighted with his involvement in sports, especially team sports. “
  • “I feel that Robson House is the best place for my child at the moment: I don’t worry about him when he is at Robson House”
  • “I value the availability of staff at Robson House and their willingness to talk about issues when I need to.”
  • “I am very happy with the support at Robson House. Keep doing what you are doing.”

Here are some things that children have told us about being at Robson House:

  • “I’ve been able to communicate better and my reading has got better.”
  • “I like my mentor time, cooking, sewing, art, music, and singing in the school play.”
  • “Writing, reading, maths, swimming and football all went well this year and IthinkI am much better at talking about difficult things.”
  • “When I was at my other school I didn’t learn much. Since I came here, I’m learning much more. Teachers are good here.”