Robson House


Robson House is committed to promoting understanding of the principles and practices of equality and justice. We aim to equip children with an awareness of our diverse society and to appreciate the value of difference. Every member of Robson House is regarded as of equal worth and importance, irrespective of their culture, class, race, gender, sexual orientation and/or disability.

Every aspect of the activities at Robson House has an equal opportunities dimension. This may be expressed explicitly in teaching materials and display, implicitly in classroom practice, or as part of the everyday curriculum and the social interaction amongst and between staff, children and parents/carers. The environment at Robson House influences the developing attitudes of the children within it and can be a powerful vehicle for the promotion of understanding and practice of equal opportunities.

We live in a society where disability discrimination can segregate and isolate people from their communities. Through its proactive approach to inclusion, Robson House aims to enable all of our children equality of access to their communities. Addressing fundamental prejudices against disability in both children and adults is a core element of our inclusion work.

For further information please see our Equalities Policy