Robson House

Creative Curriculum

At Robson House, lessons are delivered using the Creative Curriculum. This involves a thematic approach to teaching and learning, which allows children to work in depth to give them the time they need to consolidate learning. This approach places direct experience at the centre of the curriculum.

The Creative Curriculum is about making links between subjects and finding ways to inspire children by drawing in skills from art, music, technology, dance and drama. This approach ensures that we:

  • Make learning more meaningful by putting it into context so as to increase motivation and engagement
  • Help learners become more independent and take greater ownership of their learning
  • Develop children’s confidence and motivation to learn by using of a range of learning and teaching styles
  • Give opportunity for a flexible timetabling approach to make space for true depth of study
  • Establish cross-curricular links to foster a broader understanding
  • Create and maintain an exciting and stimulating learning environment
  • Provide opportunities to apply learning in practical ways and to solve problems in a variety of situations
  • Provide enrichment opportunities where learning and teaching can take place beyond the classroom